Summers can be long, and our children need entertaining. They need to be engaged during the longest break of the year with more than television and video games — they need art and music.

These two things alone can change a person’s life positively; art and music make life better. Music makes us smile and we turn up our radios and sing out loud and somehow this makes our load a little lighter.

Art does this too. Being creative can relax us, make us laugh, cry, happy, and sad — it’s a wonderful way to express ourselves and especially in young children for they do not yet know how to always vocalize how they feel. It is far more easier to show expression through art.

Summer camp is an exciting place for children. With the chance to make new friends and hang out with old ones. Camp is just a fantastic place to be.

Giggling3Daycares are great too, but there is something about going to an art camp that is just so thrilling. Anticipating the things you can create each day and learning about new artists and materials to work with.

Art camps are a fun and educational place to get your children signed up for summer.

The Giggling Pig Art Studio staff are now working on their outdoor area for their summer camps where they plan to allow children to experience splatter art Jackson Pollock style — large and loud. The outdoor area will give the children a chance to eat lunch outdoors, play with sand and water, listen to music and more.

The Giggling Pig offers learning about famous artists to creating with clay, to beading and crafts, ceramics and wood. The kids will be not only be in a loving and safe environment this summer, but will make friends and undertake amazing projects. Sign up begins March 1.


The Giggling Pig is located at 478 River Road, Shelton. For more information, visit or call 203-919-1153.