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Most affordable and expensive spots to buy a home in state released

Bridgeport, Fairfield make list

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC released its 2014 Home Listing Report, which ranks the affordability of 69 real estate markets in Connecticut. The Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report named Hartford the most affordable market in Connecticut, with an average listing price of $130,123, while Greenwich ranked as the most expensive market in the state, with...

Create an energy-efficient home for the holidays

’Tis the season to be festive, and that usually means stringing up hundreds of twinkling lights to create a welcoming glow on dark winter nights. Some people view the holiday season as their chance to go all out with regard to decorating their homes with an abundance of lights, inflatable lawn ornaments and maybe even...

Building My Passive House — Part 9

This is the ninth entry in a series of columns about the design and construction of my newly certified passive house. Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) offers certification programs for highly energy efficient homes, and the home design and building professionals seeking to build them ( Because my heating requirements are so small, my house...
The season is about quality time, not about all the stuff we want

The season is about quality time, not about all the stuff we want

The holidays are a time of reflection, prayer, and gratitude. When we focus on the true meaning of this magical time of year, we’ll find that it’s not the amount of money spent on our family and friends, or the numerous decorations we adorn our trees and homes with, but it’s the time and memorable...

Good fruit makes good jam

Jam — commonly thought of as something eaten with peanut butter or toast in its simplicity — when made well, is really a marvelous addition to many foods. The key to a good jam is in the quality of the fruit. If the base ingredient is lacking in flavor, the jam will be a reflection...

Historical society sale

The Orange Historical Society Antique Shop is ready for the holiday season. Antiques and collectibles in all price ranges have been set out in the holiday tradition of bows and greens, making this 1878 Academy an inviting place to visit every Saturday from 10-3.

Do you want to show off your garden for a cause?

The Nichols Garden Club in Trumbull is searching for a few more gardens to add to its tour, which takes place the second week in July 2015, from 4 p.m. to dusk. If you have a garden that you are proud of, consider being on the tour. Proceeds benefit a scholarship for a Trumbull High...

Shop local

Celebrate Shelton, a city-wide initiative promoting shopping local for Christmas (and all year long) will host vendors, local musicans and more at 415 Howe Avenue, Shelton. Events are Saturdays, Dec. 13 and 20, 10-3 p.m. For information, visit
Shake it up!

Shake it up!

Elegant holiday cocktail parties made easy

Sparkling lights, the happy sounds of holiday music … ’tis the season to celebrate with family and friends! Elegant, easy cocktail parties are a wonderful way to entertain a crowd, be it large or small, with none of the fussiness and labor of a more formal dinner party. Let’s get the party started! Ensure a...

A meeting of the minds

Interfaith couples share their blended holiday traditions

In our increasingly global culture, it’s not only world travelers who embrace the thoughts and ideas of far-away lands. Those who stick close to home have also opened their minds and hearts to global influences around us, creating intoxicating blends of experiences, beliefs and lifestyles. This becomes especially evident during the holiday season (known only...
Making cookie memories

Making cookie memories

The thing about an old cookie press is that it can make a lot more than just cookies. The cookie press I’m talking about is silver-colored, made of some kind of thin metal. The hollow cylinder is closed at each end with silvery pink caps, and a black handle at one end twists downward to...
No cost effective staging tips: Sell your house, not your home

No cost effective staging tips: Sell your house, not your home

Whenever I take a listing, I will go through the house and make a list of suggested tips that will improve the appearance of the property and make it more appealing to the buyer. Even though selling a home can be an emotional time, I always tell the sellers that they are selling their house,...