Monroe Dance Academy offers summer dance camps for all ages and dance levels. The academy has been teaching dancers for 31 years. Classes this summer run in July and August.

July camps

• Young Dancers: Two-and-one-half hours for beginners 4-6 years-old, with various themed weeks to engage the younger dancer. There are stories read, arts and crafts and snack time “Dora the Explorer,” “Disney Princess” and more. These dancers will have the opportunity to explore movement through dance and learn technique.

• Dance Fever 2013: Dancers 7-12 year-olds have a full day, with four classes daily, and a presentation for family at the end of camp. Themed weeks include “Glee Week” and “Broadway Week.” These camps are for the child just learning to dance or wanting to improve, classes are geared towards teaching students technique while having fun. Dancers have the opportunity to review their skills, learn new technique and explore new dance genres.  Classes will include, jazz, modern ballet, hip hop and musical theater.

• Master Class Intensive: The intermediate and advanced dance students will take four master classes daily, one hour and 15 minutes each, with a lunch break.


Dance3_crop• Creative and Modern Dance Camp: For a variety of sessions. Each 3-5 year-old session consists of pre-ballet/pre-tap class, snack, craft, story time and will culminate in a creative dance class. Each 6-9 year old session consists of modern dance class, snack craft, story time and will culminate in a creative dance class. For all ages, thematic material from craft activities and story time will be incorporated into the creative dance lessons.


• The Hip Hop Contemporary Workshop features break dancing, popping and isolations, as well as different combinations. The class is for students age 9 and older at the intermediate levels. Hip hop runs from 10-11:30 a.m.

• The Summer Dance Intensive runs Monday through Friday, 9:45-3:45 p.m. dancers age nine and older at the intermediate and advanced levels.

• The Contemporary class is Graham-based. The class begins with floorwork designed to create an awareness of the power of the breath in the contraction and release of the torso and the physical and energetic movement of the spine in the spiral. Upon rising from the floor, plies, tendues, degages and grand battements are performed without the barre. This helps the dancers truly find their “center” while focusing on the shift of weight when their legs are extended. The dancers then perform walks, runs, triplets, skips and leaps across the floor expressing various dramatic qualities and exploring a more daring transfer of weight. The class concludes with the dancers learning an original piece of choreography created specifically for them.

• Hip-hop is a high-energy hip hop class that will explore poppin’, grooving, isolations and different accenting and musicality. There will also be different progressions across the floor followed by a fun and challenging combination. This class is designed to improve hip hop performance in all areas.

• The ballet class is taught by Claire Mazza who began her training at the School of American Ballet. After having been immersed in the Balanchine style she attended Studio Maestro to focus on classical French technique under the direction of François Perron. Mazza is a member of Connecticut Ballet.

• The modern class is a combination of yoga, guided improvisational states, a touch of bodywork and several simple, full-bodied tasks that will build heat in the body and bring awareness to the layers of skin, bone, and muscle. Dancers will fluctuate several times between improvised qualitative studies and technically calculated center floor exercises in hopes to ride a balance of raw spontaneity infused with clarity and precision. Phrase work will be spatially expansive and explore dynamic range.

• The musical theater dance class combines the skills of dancing, acting, and singing to make a performer a triple threat. The class emphasizes ballet and jazz technique while incorporating character choices. By infusing these talents, the students will be able to develop their own character and its development. The class will start with a fast paced, stylized warm-up that gets the heart rate up. It includes specific center ballet exercises for strength, and focuses on flexibility as important. Each class will focus on a new Broadway musical. The children will learn the background and plot of the musical as well as what is happening in the song we are working on. Across the floor combinations will get everyone performing in the style of the period, i.e. the Charleston, the jerk and the jitterbug.

• Jazz is a high-energy dance class that blurs the lines of jazz, hip hop, modern, theaterstyle jazz, and lyrical movement. It could be classified as a contemporary class but it is more of a fusion of styles that harmoniously blend together. The warm-up begins with a series of movements that get the body moving at a full range of motion.

Monroe Dance Academy is located at 838 Main Street, Monroe. For more information call 203-268-1200 or visit