Lynne Abrams-Cornwall and David Cornwall “furnish the fun” at their store, Encore Billiards and Gameroom, at 1581 Post Road in Milford. — Thomas Nash photo

Many people are making the choice to unplug their lives for a little while and create a family game room, said Lynne Cornwall of Encore Billiards & Gameroom.

“There’s so much thought now about electronics, I think people are getting tired of plugging in,” Cornwall said. “It’s fun to play these old-fashioned games. It’s also nice to have your own area for the game rooms.” Recently, Cornwall’s 10-year-old son and three of his friends stayed and played table tennis for four hours, without going to the game consoles. “The days of people creating a living room that becomes a museum are over.”

Cornwall and her husband, David, own this store at 1581 Boston Post Road. It has been in Cornwall’s family for nearly 40 years.

There are a variety of options for people who may not have a whole other room or area of their home that they can devote to a game room.

“You can get conversion tops that can go onto the pool table,” said Cornwall. “What’s nice about that is you are utilizing the same space.”

Whereas game tables used to be boxy, cumbersome and ugly, they are now “beautiful pieces of furniture,” she said.

People may put the conversion piece on top of a pool table. The new tabletop can be used as a chess board or to play checkers or cards. One could also turn that table tennis table into the dining room table. Chairs may be purchased at Encore to put around the game table when it’s time to sit down and eat.

Slate is one option for a home pool table.

“The advantage to slate is that it’s never, ever going to warp,” said Cornwall. If getting a table that could also be used as a dining room table, “you can do any kind of leg you can imagine,” she said, from contemporary to traditional. “Really simple lines are coming back,” she said.

Picking the color for the material on the pool table is up to the imagination. Cornwall said the most popular colors are earth tones, although they’ve covered tables with fuscia felt.

“We have every color chalk, so it stays cleaner,” she said.


Getting game

Cornwall said that business has picked up, especially in light of recent days-long power outages. When Hurricane Irene and Storm Sandy left thousands in the state without power, “we ended up selling so much equipment” because there was not much to do, she said. “I think you realize when you don’t have power how much your family is plugged in.”

Generally, people are making game rooms or adding a new dimension to their homes to keep the family closer together.

When working with customers, Cornwall said, it’s best to start with the room size to know what will best fit there. She said then she can help advise them as to what will best fit.

“We just delivered a bunch of equipment to a family,” said Cornwall. “They put in a pool table, table tennis and shuffleboard table. … She wanted to get something the whole family can enjoy.”

There has also been a trend of adding pub-height tables to the home. It’s a good idea to have game players have a place to sit when playing games.

“It doesn’t have to be an expensive piece by any means,” said Cornwall. “We have something for everybody.”

Encore Billiards sells pool tables, furniture, arcade games, darts, décor, and car racks, and it also services pool tables.

Hours are Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 10-6, Thursdays 10-8 and Sundays 12-4. They’re closed Wednesdays.

For more information, visit encorebilliards.com or call 203-783-1159.