Laura Palo and personal trainer Annie Belardinelli of Results Personal Training and Fitness. — Michele Roman photo

About 11 months ago I set out on a journey that would change my life completely.
Motivation and passion, a desire to be a better person, led me to the point I am at today and I feel inner strength that is intangible.
I work at Shine Salon in Ridgefield. Myself and my boss, Erin Simmons, took on a total mind/body transformation challenge from Jean-Pierre Mikhael and Salim Mikhael of Results Personal Training and Fitness in Ridgefield.
In retrospect, at 27 years old, I was at an unhealthy crossroads. My relationship with food was not upstanding and exercise was not a part of my daily routine. That needed to change — not only for me, but for my daughter.
Change is what happened. By drastically improving my eating habits and incorporating strength training and increased cardiovascular activity, at the very least three times a week — I transformed.
I began the journey at 195 pounds. I am now 174. I have lost 37 total inches from my entire body. Remarkably, in my waist and bust, the total loss was 11 inches each. My body fat has decreased by 5 percent and thanks to Annie Belardinelli, a new trainer at the gym, I can now do 10  push-ups off the floor — a milestone!
Erin remains very active in maintaining her original weight loss and will continue her regimen until her final goal is attained.
Today I am living by the motto: if you set your mind toward achieving a goal — fitness or not — you can. Healthy living is an attainable goal and I think I have proven that. If you would like to transform your life for the better contact Results at 203-438-8771 or visit