The Rev. Arlene Powers is one of the founders of the ARC Sacred Center in Monroe.

Can slowing down and paying more attention to the spiritual side of life, enhance the physical? The pratictioners at the ARC Sacred Center’s recent health fair believe it does.
“It’s about the whole person,” said Carol Takacs.
Takacs, the owner of Your Life Celebrated, helps people to mark important transitions in their lives through meaningful ceremonies.
“It’s about faith and spirituality as opposed to any one kind of religion.”
In her work, Takacs has designed a personalized service for a breast cancer survivor who wanted to acknowledge family and friends who provided support during her illness.
“Having rituals connects us and keeps us grounded,” Takacs noted. “We sometimes move so fast. We have so much going on that we forget to pause and look at the many transitions in our lives.”
In a different way, angel channeler Carol Joyce, of Milford, encourages people to slow down long enough to contemplate their lives, with the assistance of loved ones who have passed. For the past ten years, Joyce has worked as a telepathic who says she can feel the energy of people’s angels communicate their messages and images to those seated before her.
“I’ve always been open,” Joyce said. “We’re all psychic. I was taught by my sister, who had taken a class on how to work with a pendulum.”
The pendulum helps to connect to one’s higher self and channel the energy around her.
“Sometimes I find out when Mr. Wonderful is going to come,” Joyce said. “The angels are pretty on target. I’ve had people write and call me and say that what I told them came true.”
For example, Joyce told one client that she would win an award. Two months later, she unexpectedly received a prestigious presidential award for her work with a non-profit organization.
Susan Muro, of Monroe, founder of It’s Perfectly Natural, offers a sustainable, whole foods cleanse that helps people to have more energetic and achieve optimum physical health. As founder and market master for Monroe’s Farmers’ Market, Muro believes that eating healthy foods improves  energy levels, weight loss, digestion, allergy symptoms and skin problems.  For more information and to register, visit, or email Muro at
Takacs, Joyce and Muro were just a few of the spiritual and healing practitioners that participated in a recent Health Fair at ARC (The Alliance for Raising Consciousness) Sacred Center in Monroe. According to its website,, the non-profit spiritual community center was “created for the purpose of offering a gathering place for spiritual exploration and teaching, freedom of spiritual expression, and healing for the body, mind and soul. The Center serves all beings of diverse backgrounds, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and cultural upbringing through supportive and rich experiential offerings and services in the healing arts and interfaith spiritualism.”
Founded by Rev. Arlene S. Powers and Rev. Christine Guerrera, LMTF, ARC Sacred Center hosts a weekly interfaith service. Several healing practitioners rent offices in the building, too.
Some upcoming programs at ARC include an ongoing discussion group, “Aging to Sageing: The Second Half of Your Life”. Led by Barbara Stokes on Tuesday evenings, participants will explore together the eight archetypical gates of wisdom.
On Sunday, Sept. 30th, Phil Shiva Jones will present A Spiritual Sound and Breathe Meditation Workshop and Chanting Performance.
There are also Reiki, Yoga, massage, past life regression workshops, and more held throughout the year. For more information, go to and call 203-268-1ARC. ARC is located at 458 Monroe Turnpike, Monroe, CT 06468.