dustWe’re still in the midst of winter but it’s never too early to prepare for spring. While many spring cleaning tasks can be easily done by the homeowner, such as cleaning the bathrooms, disinfecting switchplates and doorknobs and scrubbing the garbage can, there are some jobs that might require outside, professional help.

Richard Fogel, owner of Westport-based Grout Rescue CT, offers the following house cleaning tips:

• Have kitchen counters and backsplashes cleaned and resealed, or regrouted and recaulked;

• Clean or replace the grout and/or in your tub and shower area;

• Make sure your bathroom fan vents are free of dust and debris;

• Remember to clean the refrigerator/freezer air vent;

• Consider having your dryer cleaned out by a professional.

For more information, visit groutrescuect.com or call 203-227-4048.