The holidays are a happy time of year filled with joy and excitement. But we come across days where we run out of bright ideas and the children need entertaining — here are 10 things to keep the children entertained this holiday season.

1. A fun thing that many kids love to do is get creative in the kitchen. Involve your children in some cookie-making, whether it be straight from a pre made pack or from scratch. Every child loves the smell of cookie baking in the oven as much as we do.

gingerbread2. Decorate a gingerbread house: This can take up a lot of time with all the candy that will need to be iced on to the house and entertains the children for a long time. Put them on display, and award a prize to each house.

3. This time of year is perfect to gather up old toys and belongings that we don’t use. It’s an important lesson to  teach our children about being fortunate and giving back. Help the kids go through what they can donate and take them to a local organization.

4. Everyone loves popcorn, so why not put a pack in the microwave and watch it pop. Then, get a needle and thread and create your own garlands with the children. For some color, add cranberries.

5. One of my all-time favorite things to do is drink hot chocolate with my son. Something about going out on a cold day and holding it tightly in your hands just makes everything better. As a special treat for all those well-behaved children you could entice them with this to get you through a day.

6. A nature walk. Find a local trail and explore with the kids, and you can even bring the family dog.

7. Board games — before bed time as a treat pull out the old board games, light the candles and enjoy some classics. Nothing beats family time.

8. When the weather gets really cold and the water freezes over its important to remember the birds and squirrels. Leave bird seed out and get the children involved by asking them to help make special food. In an old yogurt container you and mix peanut butter with bird seed and then set in the freezer. Remove from the container and pierce a whole through the food adding a string to attach and hang to a tree.

9. Write thank you notes. It’s important to teach the children to be appreciative this holiday season. Be creative by adding drawings or photos and even if the children are not confident with writing you can always add a hand print.

10. Visit your local art studio, and take part in creating a craft for either your self or to give thanks for someone special.


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