Judy Vig and Joy Paoletti — also known as the Twice Baked Twins — share their love of cooking through television appearances, newspaper columns and just whenever they have a chance. They are making it easier to eat, as they do this holiday season with their ForkFulla and 2 Bite Delite Biscotti, which have recently hit store shelves.

The ForkFulla makes a perfect present for a party’s hostess this holiday.“It’s kind of a great gift,” said Paoletti. “It is ‘a designer dessert’ which Judy and I patented,” she said, and it’s something they have used at family functions, including her daughter’s wedding.


The dessert is literally a stainless steel fork with a piece of pie on it. Dessert eaters can store the items in the freezer. From there, the desserts may be placed right in the oven, and after the pie is eaten, the hostess — or host — will be left with a set of 12 Oneida brand forks. Or, if it’s an outdoor event you’re going to, you can purchase the ForkFullas with wooden forks.

The veteran kitchen mavens recently teamed with the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation to create a food that tasted good but would be OK for people with diabetes to eat. This is how the Twice Baked Twins’ 2 Bite Biscotti was born.

“They asked us to come up with a line of ‘two-bite delights,’” said Vig. The foundation people also wanted biscotti “because that literally means twice baked.”

It took about a year with input from the organization and the Twice Baked Twins before the cookies got their OK.

The research team “was very specific on the ingredients that had to go in,” said Paoletti. Also, the sisters had to be careful about the kinds of ingredients they used in their cookies.

“It seems as though at the store level, [baked goods] lose their made-at-home flavor,” said Vig. “We want to make sure we stay close to the made-at-home taste.”

There are sugar-free biscotti, as well as regular and savory “Parmesan peppercorn,” with some fruit and cheese.


Celebrating the holidays


Judy Vig and Joy Paoletti

It’s the smells and traditions associated with the holiday foods that really make the year complete, said Paoletti and Vig.

“Don’t forget that there is nothing that can really heal anybody quite like good food,” said Paoletti. “It warms your heart and your soul.”

For the holidays, they “go the old-fashioned route,” said Vig. “We go all out.”

Vig likes to cook and Paoletti likes to bake. The “twice baked” in Twice Baked Twins comes from trying a recipe one way and then another.

“Judy will always give you the shortcut,” said Paoletti. “Sometimes you have time to cook, sometimes you don’t.”

For the fifth year in a row, a special broadcast of the twins will air on the Food Network.

“We did a holiday special for Bobby Flay,” the chef/restaurateur who has his own TV program on the network, said Vig. “They air it every year, for a few weeks.”

The advice the pair gave about eating this holiday season is to not be afraid to stray from that diet.

“Everything in moderation,” they said.

Vig, from Monroe, and Paoletti, from Trumbull, have a website where their products may be purchased,, or find them on Facebook.