stam2With freezing temperatures and ice and snow on the ground this time of year, fitness options can seem limited.

But at the new Chelsea Piers Connecticut in Stamford, indoor fitness is easy and fun. It’s also something the whole family can do.

“Spending all your time on a treadmill in the winter, you can get really numb to that,” Rick Krupa, fitness director at Chelsea Piers. “We offer non-traditional classes but you still get a workout in while keeping it fun.”

The sports facility if offering a host of new adult fitness classes, that offer visitors the chance to swim, dance, jump and train indoors, at all levels.

Trampoline fitness, parkour and rock climbing are offered in the facility’s gymnastics center, tennis lovers can try a more vigorous workout with “cardio tennis,” while unique aquatic classes re offered in an Olympic-size swimming pool.

“Our trampoline fitness, I don’t know that there is anything else like that in the area,” Erica Schietinger, a vice president of Chelsea Piers Corporate Communications said of its offerings. “We also have Aqua Zumba, that takes that Latin-inspired dance workout and put it in the water, providing a great resistance workout. Plus, no one can see when you miss a dance step.”

Similarly, the trampoline and gymnastic classes can be so enjoyable that you don’t always realize you are getting a great workout until the next day, when muscles are sore.

“Sprinkling in some of these classes invigorates you, not only physically but emotionally and mentally,” Rick said.

Boot camp classes are also popular.

“It’s very akin to a ‘P90X’ or Cross Fit-type of a workout,” Rick said. “We’ve adjust it for the general population.”

Chelsea Piers trainers also offer triathlon training, working with serious athletes or people who are challenging themselves for the first time.

“We offer an introductory program, so people can learn about the sport,” Rick said. “We can answer all of your questions like ‘Do I wear underwear underneath my bike shorts?’ The answer is ‘no,’ by the way.”

Classes and clinics are offered on weekends but also on weekdays for non-working parents. Kids can get dropped off in their own programs or in the day care facility while parents get in a workout.

“It’s a great opportunity to get people out of a sedentary lifestyle — we want everyone moving,” Rick said.

Erica said the Chelsea Piers mantra is “putting fitness into sports.”

“Fitness should not be a chore, it should be about finding something you love to do and not worrying how you look but how you feel,” Erica said. “Fitness is about health, not your butt.”

Chelsea Piers is located at 1 Blachley Drive in Stamford and can be reached at 203-989-1000. Some classes are available only to those who sign up for a Chelsea Piers membership, while others are available to non-members. For more information visit